Ducorp Cockatoo


Ducorp’s Cockatoo

The Ducorp’s cockatoo is a white cockatoo with bright yellow under the tail and wings and a touch of peach coloring around the neck area. The Ducorp’s Cockatoos are not quite as colorful as the other cockatoos that we raise. However, they make up for it in personality. The Ducorp’s are very animated cockatoos, we often see ours hopping along the perch from one end to the other and back, bobbing their heads up and down with their wings spread out, leaning back and forth and many other comical movements. Other breeders and pet owners that have experience with these birds agree–the Ducorp’s are the best pets out of the cockatoos. They are very loving, do not tend to pick favorites among family members but get along with everyone and can learn to talk.

Ducorp’s Cockatoo Facts:


  • Country Of Origin:

    Solomon Islands


  • Other Names:

    Broad-crested Corella

     Solomons Cockatoo


  •   Lifespan:

        50-60 Years


  •     Noise Level: