About us

 About 25 years ago while we were living in Florida, my husband and I decided to start breeding exotic birds and began with a pair of Rose breasted cockatoos that we bought as babies. I remember us both going out at 5:00AM covered with mosquito repellant to feed the birds every morning!

As we learned more about birds, we eventually imported a group of various grass parakeet and Indian ringneck color mutations from Europe that had not yet been bred in the US. Our specialty became mainly Indian ringneck mutations but we still had our original Rosie pair as well as a few other cockatoos and parrots. There was so much to learn about breeding and raising them! After breeding birds for around seven years, God led us to move away from our acreage in Florida to focus on raising our children, which ultimately became six in number. For the next 15 years, our focus was on homeschooling and raising up our children to be all that God wants them to be.

Nine years ago, God packed our whole family up and brought us here to Colorado. Since then, our little children have become old enough to help and learn how to breed and raise birds. My husband, Todd, decided we should start breeding birds again but this time as a family endeavor, which would also help our children learn responsibility and hard work. Our main goal, however, is to bring glory to God in everything we do and to show others how they can have a relationship with God and to know for sure they will go to heaven someday when they die. Do you know for sure? CLICK HERE.